These Favourite Poems!


Below are two of my favorite poems. We studied these poems back in the junior high school together with “Just A Passerby” and “Woes of the African Mother” (a book). I love poems and these two were my favourites. I used to read them over and over again and i could just remember most of the lines though i didn’t want to “chew them.”

It’s been more than a decade now (eeish i’m growing old paa oh) but every now and then, the words keep reverberating on my mind. And that just nostalgically throws me back to those days. That’s a whole lot of great memories.

Streamside Exchange- By: J.P CLARK


River bird, river bird

Sitting all day long

On hook over grass

River bird, river bird

Sing to me a song

Of all that pass

And say,

Will mother come back today?


You cannot know

And should not bother

Tide and market come and go

And so shall your mother


Slowly the muddy pool becomes a river- A Yoruba funeral song

Slowly the muddy pool becomes a river
Slowly my mother’s illness becomes her death
When wood breaks, it can be mended
But ivory breaks for ever

An egg falls to reveal a messy secret
My mother went, and carried her secret along
She has gone far
We look for her in vain

But when you see a Kob antelope on the way to the farm
When you see the Kob antelope on the way to the river
Leave your arrows in the quiver
And let the dead depart in peace